Cost of Organics

Many question, why do “Purely 100% Organic” Programs cost more? The answer is better understood once you understand quality. If your decision is based on money and you want the cheapest quality for the cheapest price, the utilize the many companies offering the Chemical or diluted Organic Programs (i.e. “Organic Based” Programs that apply pseudo-organic products laced with chemicals and toxins).

But if you want honest quality “Purely 100% Organic” Programs, then choose a company who pays attention to details – the health of the soil,  the soil biology and soil nutrient balance, strictly following the NOFA Land Care Standards. Choosing a service that caters to the soil biology will entail using selective products that may cost more monetarily, due to their availability and sourcing, although not all organic products cost more.

If you compare the ecological/environmental impact using Chemical or “Organic Based” Programs with “Purely 100% Organic” Programs, in the long run the so called Chemical/”Organic-Based” will cost you more, in terms of soil destruction, local water resource pollution, residues ending up in food, water, the home, and eventually your body. Eventually your health will be compromised, as it is related to the environment it lives in. So make your decision, not just on monetary price, but on the price you and the world around you pay.